Biogas Plant by EPC Mode

Biogas Plant by EPC Mode


– Together BIOGAS can supply one-stop solution from squander to energy with robust technological assist and mature tools provide chain:

– Along BIOGAS has deep expertise & complex reserves on waste treatment, anaerobic fermentation and biogas purification

– Together BIOGAS’ supply scopes go over: CZPT Design (3D), Equipment Design & Producing, CZPTs, Operation & Maintenance help

– Along BIOGAS can construct the comprehensive biogas plant below EPC (CZPT Procurement Contractor) mode

– Alongside BIOGAS can spend biogas plant if it has great potentials.


Along BIOGAS can design and style and source all functional blocks that may possibly a full biogas plant needs:

one, Waste Treatment method: crushing & filtration of waste, regulation of TS%, pH, temperature and C/N ratio of slurry, and so on.

two, Anaerobic Reactor: Dry/Soaked variety, Anaerobic lagoon/CSTR, and so forth.

3, Biogas Storage: CZPT-membrane gas holder, PVC storage bag, and many others.

four, Biogas Purification: Desulfurization, Dehumidifying, Decarburization, etc.

5, Biogas Utilization: Biogas generator, Bio-CNG program, Boiler/Torch, and so on.

six, Checking & Controlling: PLC components & software program, instruments, electrical managing, distant handle, and so on.


Animal manure, agro squander, industrial natural and organic sewage, meals squander, and many others. are all excellent materials for biogas generation Feedstock for biogas plant can be solitary material or compounds. Slurry must be in proper problems before feeding reactors, e.g, solid dimension, TS%, pH price and C/N ratio, etc. It can not contain hazardous substances that would restrain biological reaction.

Along BIOGAS owes experienced technologies and reputable tools to result modifications & regulations on actual physical & chemical qualities of different waste, to fulfill the specifications of the subsequent anaerobic reactors for feedstock.


Thinking about variables of waste characteristics, internet site circumstances and venture budget, Alongside BIOGAS can offer client with the most ideal Ad systems. Anaerobic Reactors can be designed and engineered to work using a quantity of diverse configurations and can be categorized into:

one, Batch vs. Continuous Process Mode: 
specified by Dry vs. Moist sort anaerobic digestion

2, Mesophilic vs. Thermophilic Temperature Conditions:
specified by Mesophilic 35-38ºC vs. Thermophilic 52-55ºC

three, Large vs. Low Portion of Solids:
specified by CSTR (Continuous Stirring Tank Reactor) vs. UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)

4, Solitary Stage vs. Multistage Processes:
specified by CSTR major therapy vs. CSTR+UASB two-stage remedy.

Biogas Plant by EPC Mode


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